That’s not trash!

It always scares me when I’m watching “Hoarders” and the people have a piece of what looks like trash to everyone else and the steeped-in-denial hoarder calls out from under a pile of used takeout containers and plastic aquarium plants, “I’m saving that to make a craft with!”  It’s frightening to me because I find myself thinking that on a regular basis and if I don’t monitor myself I could end up in that condemned house stuffed to the rafters with what looks like useless garbage to everyone else.  I come by it honestly – my family crest reads, “If it’s worth doing, it’s worth OVER doing!”

In an attempt to actually use some of the stuff I’d accumulated with crafting in mind, I learned on the galactic interwebz how to make those rolled magazine coils I’d seen used as trivets, vases, and bowls.  I rolled and rolled without really knowing what I was going to use them for; I just liked the look of them.  Then inspiration struck!  I remembered this little cabinet I’d gotten at Savers.




I discovered that seven rows of five rolls would fit perfectly in the recessed part of the door, so I brazenly painted over the rose with bright green acrylic paint and glued those coils in place.  I had already coated each coil with a glossy sealer, and once they were secured to the cabinet door, I drizzled epoxy resin in between for a bit more of a finished look and a high gloss.  All that was left was to paint the little door knob the same bright green, and voila!














The end result was really neat if I do say so myself, and I listed the cabinet on etsy right away.  I attracted some hearts, but before I could sell the it, my parents came to visit, my mom fell in love with it, and she bought it out from under all those etsy-ers!  Etsyans?  Etsyites?  People who use etsy! I guess it’s true what all the signs in antique stores say – The time to buy it is when you see it!

I’m glad it found a good home – it’s hardly taken any time at all to tell you how I made it, but there are hours of work in this baby!  There are probably ten hours just in rolling the coils while fending off curious cats.  Luckily, this was one of those projects I could do in front of the boob tube.  An episode of Hoarders, anyone?  :0)

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7 thoughts on “That’s not trash!”

    1. Thanks, Melissa! And thanks for reminding me to give a shoutout to the site that taught me to roll magazines: Obviously, I didn’t use my coils for a necklace, but this site gives a good overview of the process.

      I recommend using the same magazine if you’re making a bunch of coils for one project. Otherwise, the coils will turn out to be different heights because of different magazine sizes. Also, I found that less-expensive magazines (like Woman’s Day or Family Circle) roll up more easily – I think they use a lighter weight of paper than, say, Martha Stewart Living. Only the best for Martha, right!?!?!?

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