Making the Season Bright(er)

Making the Season Bright(er)

I’m using my Christmas break to finish a few of the 1.7 million unfinished projects I have around the house.  So today my eye fell upon the brass lamp that gave me so much trouble a few months ago.

This time, I decided to, like, get some directions on how to cover the lampshade right!  These were the ones that worked best for me.  As I read the instructions, I was thinking, “It can’t be that easy.”  But it was!  I used a fairly forgiving spray adhesive, and here’s the result!


If you decide to cover a lampshade yourself, here are a couple tips:

  • The directions on the link say to make a paper pattern.  If you do this before you shop for fabric, you’ll know exactly how much you’ll need.
  • It does take a fair bit of fabric, especially if the angle from the top to bottom of your shade is wide.  However, you will have a decent amount leftover, so you could make a matching accessory for your room!
  • I actually didn’t make a pattern (I didn’t have big enough paper) – I just drew right on the fabric.  This worked out okay but I should have erased the pencil marks after I cut it out!  Oops!
  • After you’ve stuck the fabric to the shade, you may want to go around the top & bottom with scissors and even out the parts you’ll fold over.

And no matter what you celebrate, I hope you are all warm, happy, fed, loved, and peaceful today and every day!  Thanks for stopping by and best wishes from RedoPalooza!

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