I’ll Get the Chair for This

Can you keep a secret?  I mean, really, like not tell ANYONE?  Cuz it looks like I may have committed a crime and I have to get it off my chest.  Can I trust you?

Oh geez, put the phone down, I’m just talking about a design crime.  And no jury in the world would convict me after it sees the evidence!  I’ll leave it up to you.

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I present to you Exhibit One:

An unassuming chair that had seen better days, but with fine lines and a proud lineage.

Suspecting a design icon in the rough, Ms. Palooza purchased this chair for the (what should probably also be criminal!) low price of $7.00 and spirited it away to a location she refers to as Craft Purgatory.  Ominous, no?

Her internet research turned up a very similar specimen, designated as a Saarinen office chair by Knoll.

However, the chair in her possession bore a brand name of Virco and had only four casters, not five.  Additionally, when Ms. Palooza viciously tore into the chair with a screwdriver and pliers, this is what she found:









The chair literally fell apart in her hands and spewed ancient upholstery foam debris (see second picture above) throughout her house.  After a halfhearted attempt at DIY upholstery, Ms. Palooza had it professionally reupholstered and now it looks like this!

Here endeth the Perry Mason (yes, I am 67 years old) bit.

So I bought this chair at a thrift store and it was disgusting.  I tell myself it’s a Saarinen knockoff so I can sleep at night, but I know there are design purists out there who are probably crying, “Sacrilege!”  In any case, I think it looks great!  i’d love to hear what you think, even if it involves design prison!

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10 thoughts on “I’ll Get the Chair for This

  1. I would love to have this as my office work chair… I would be the envy of the office. It is beautiful no matter the brand … who needs a Saarinen when you can have this beauty for a song??

    1. Thanks, Serena – I’m going to your site now! I only wish I could say I had done the reupholstering on this one myself, but that’s one skill I have yet to master. We can’t be good at everything, right? 🙂

    1. I didn’t have any left over so I’m not sure of the designer or company, but I bought mine at Home Fabrics and Rugs in Henderson, Nevada. I didn’t see it for sale on their website, but it looks like they have several store locations, mostly in the West. Good luck – if I come across any other info, I’ll post it!

    2. I found this fabric in the upholstery fabric at Joann Fabrics, the fabric is by Richloom,

      Richloom Wilder – Cabana

      54″ wide, 100% spun polyester, outdoor performance fabric, color cabana, Repeats: 27″ horz & 27″ vert


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