Thrifting Trifecta

I love the “Wood Decor” section of thrift stores – they seem to be a blank canvas just awaiting my paintbrush.  That was true when my aunt and I went thrifting in Quincy, Illinois, and I came up with a shelf, a jewelry box, and a clock.  The total for all three items was $3.98!

Thrifted Shelf Before

Thrifted Jewelry Box Before Thrifted Clock Before


As usual, I applied BIN primer and paint to each item, then dolled them up with paper and fabric.  I’m especially proud of the jewelry box and I’ll give you a little tip for your upcycling pleasure!  I couldn’t figure out how to get the size of the paper for the fronts just right because I couldn’t trace around the little section I needed.  Then I had a flash of brilliance!  I just made a copy of the actual drawer front and, bingo – I had an exact template!  It worked out well for both the drawer fronts and the inside of the lid.

Thrifted Jewelry Box After Thrifted Jewelry Box Drawer After

The clock got a liberal dose of spray paint, then I Mod Podged fabric onto it and trimmed it to fit.  Voila, bohemian clock!

Thrifted Clock After

The shelf also got spray painted and then I Mod Podged some fun paper to the back of it and trimmed it to fit (are you seeing a pattern here?).

Thrifted Shelf After

Those are my latest projects – what are you working on these days?

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