Hi there!  I’m Missey, the finger behind the spray paint on RedoPalooza.  I live in Columbia, Missouri, with my feline roommates, Clyde and Finnegan.

I started RedoPalooza to share my projects with like-minded makers-over out there, to pay back the many bloggers who have inspired me, and maybe inspire some redo virgins myself!  I’ve gleaned most of my knowledge from the internet and HGTV, and I’ll share my victories and my missteps with you.

I hope you will enjoy my blog as much as I’m enjoying creating it and I welcome your comments, questions, and suggestions.  Happy redoing!

12 thoughts on “Behind the spray paint”

    1. Oh, gosh – I must confess to being an ignoramus on how this all works, myself! I think if you click the f icon under “Subscribe” in the sidebar, it should take you to facebook where you can Like RedoPalooza…? Or I think you can log in to facebook, search RedoPalooza, and like the page from there. I hope this helps (and I hope I’m not making things worse!). Have a great day and thanks for visiting! :0)

  1. I also found you through Better After and I must say.. You are Awesome! and fantastic and all that super fun and positive stuff. I look forward to following you through your adventures =)

  2. I read your stuff all the time. I’m not crafty myself, but I luuuv everything you do. And your descriptions of your work just knock me out! You are an inspiration to me. I think you are the smartest, funniest, most articulate, most talented, most beautiful person in the world, and everybody should be as wonderful as you!

    1. I can only say a feeble “thank you” in return but that barely scratches the surface of my feelings! THANK YOU! I love you!

      That’s my dad, ya’ll!!! :0)

  3. Spray paint… love you for this alone. My family thinks my spray paint habit is too, too much. But, I love it and it can change things for such a small price. Found you on Better After… keep up the great work.

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