Best of Both Worlds

  I’ve never been accused of being “on trend,” so bear with me as I add my globe light fixtures to the masses already clogging up the interwebz.  I wanted to have a fresh project to share with you but it just hasn’t happened, so in the interest of appeasing the tens of people who follow my … [Read more…]

Chic but Not Shabby

I’ve been at it again, and you won’t be surprised to hear it involved spray paint and colorful paper!  This little set of frames was hidden on a shelf at my favorite thrift store, and I didn’t even give them a second thought before I put them in my cart – I knew I could … [Read more…]

I otter post more often….

Hi there, everyone!  I hope everyone is enjoying a lovely fall.  It’s hard to tell it’s fall in Las Vegas, but the fact that my steering wheel no longer gives me third-degree burns when I drive to lunch is a good indication! I have added another friend to my family of Ceranimals!  This little guy … [Read more…]

Keepin’ it Clean

In my opinion, ANY en suite laundry room is a GOOD laundry room.  And in light of some of the damp, freezing, ammonia-scented places I’ve done laundry in my life, even my “before” laundry room was pretty dang good! But a bunch of “before” pictures does not a good RedoPalooza post make!  And I wasn’t … [Read more…]

Making the Season Bright(er)

I’m using my Christmas break to finish a few of the 1.7 million unfinished projects I have around the house.  So today my eye fell upon the brass lamp that gave me so much trouble a few months ago. This time, I decided to, like, get some directions on how to cover the lampshade right!  … [Read more…]