Twofer Tuesday

Today I’m coming atcha with two different makeovers from one room. I guess it’s technically a bedroom, since it has a method of egress and a closet, but it really serves as more of a walk-through space for me. But I wanted a spot for a sundry niece or nephew to stay, so I stuck a daybed in there! But a naked closet and a 1980’s daybed would not do for a spot in Chez Redopalooza.

Funny story about the daybed – I was cruising Craigslist with the vague idea of buying one, when I discovered one that was listed just down the street from me. I leaped from my chair and went running out the door in my comfortable clothes (okay, they were pajamas) and hustled down the street. There I met the nicest woman and carried the daybed home with me in pieces. Later on I would discover that she is the owner of this amazing etsy shop: ReMain Eco Designs, where she sells incredible pieces made from bicycle parts. Small world!

After many nights in my chilly basement and a substantial mattress investment, the daybed is now a much more palatable and comfortable orange. And just so the closet wouldn’t feel left out, I dressed it up with some cathedral windows fabric from Joann. That was another funny story – I bought the remaining fabric on the bolt and when I got home discovered that it was EXACTLY the right size! I didn’t have to cut it once. Okay, that’s not that funny. Sue me.

Anyway, here are the afters, in all their glory!

Hope you like them! Thanks for stopping by and Happy Thanksgiving!

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Who’s Your (Fry) Daddy

I mean no patriarchal disrespect when I say this, but nobody needs their daddy around anymore. Not with all the bad news out there about the evils of cholesterol and deep-frying. Oh! I meant to say nobody needs their FRY Daddy around anymore.

I’ve never been much of a deep-fryer person anyway – every time I attempt it, everything in my house (clothes for work the next day) ends up smelling like a greasy strip mall Chinese restaurant. So I didn’t have a Fry Daddy to dismantle, but somebody did and this fry basket ended up at the thrift store.

I grabbed it with a light fixture project in mind, thinking I might stick something in those holes or hang something beaded off of them. But the longer I had it, the more its industrial vibe spoke to me and I decided to go a more purist route. All it took was some spray paint (of course), tin snips, and a light kit from Cost Plus World Market.

If you insist on keeping your Fry Daddy intact, you can purchase this light fixture in my etsy shop! Hope you like it and thanks for stopping by!

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Reflections of the Past

Geez, that title probably made you think you were going to see some kind of Lifetime for Women movie, didn’t it?

Well, I’m happy to say that’s not the case (or sorry to disappoint, depending upon your feelings about Lifetime…it DOES have Project Runway going for it)!  This is a post about mirrors.  See what I did there?

I found a set of four Burwood pictures at the thrift store.  Only three of them would fit in the frame for these pictures, but rest assured, they all came out the same.  I LOVED the shape of the frames, but the finish on them was hideous, as Burwood/Syroco/Home Decorators vintage items usually is.  And the “artwork”…?  Ahem.

Can ya guess what I did?  Of course you can.  I painted them.  And, after nearly severing a digit while trying to do it myself, I had a glass shop cut some mirrors to fit and glue them in place of those sad, 70’s butterflies.  This all happened about four years ago and I still love them just as much!  I hope you like them, too.  Thanks for stopping by!

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Faux Federalist

It’s almost Halloween and everywhere you turn people are wearing disguises and becoming someone they’re not.  Like this cabinet – it was so thoroughly disguised that everyone thought it was a forgettable, pseudo-Federalist tchotchke holder and passed it by.

But Halloween is only one day a year and eventually the disguise has to come off!

Okay, enough of the metaphor.  I thought this cabinet was boring, so I ripped off the embellishment on the top, painted the cabinet, Mod Podged fabric on the back, and installed a glass knob from Hobby Lobby.  I like it a lot more and I hope you do, too!

I also hope your Halloween costume is better than a boring thrift-store cabinet…!

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Dirty old grandfather

So this dirty (and fuzzy!) old grandfather reached out and touched me in the thrift store!  After I recovered from the shock, I took a closer look and thought I saw something there….

Yeah, no wonder he ended up in the thrift store – you can’t keep a dirty old man like this around the house for long.  The material behind the brass clock face looks like…copper, maybe?  Or tooled leather?  WRONG.  It’s some kind of weird, probably carcinogenic plastic that was melding with the board behind it.  Shoulda worn my hazmat suit while ripping it off, but I’m impatient a daredevil!

Following the required quarantine in Craft Purgatory, I put on my psychologist hat and decided to reform him into a fresh, modern metrosexual!!!  I cleaned him up, gave him a new suit, and will soon send him on his way via etsy or Craigslist.

Here’s a closer look at his clean new face!

That’s a Mod Podged fat quarter up in there.  Seriously, is there anything Mod Podge CAN’T do?

Hope you enjoyed this heartwarming story of reforming a wayward grandfather into a productive (and punctual!) member of society.  See you soon!

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Footstool Fetish

Here’s a quickie – I’m still recovering from a long weekend in the Midwest!

Found this sad, brokedown footstool in the thrift store for five American dollars.  It needed love and I was just the woman to love it!

Obviously this baby came up short in the padding department (she could learn a thing or two from a junior high girl!), so I tore into that fabric and started from scratch.  I had some excellent leftover foam from the cat bed project, so I cut that down to size and wrapped it up in some medium-loft batting.  I was able to shop my craft room for the fabric and was delighted to find that all I’d need was a fat quarter of the cute, bright owl pattern I ended up with.

Meanwhile, the legs got a makeover,too – a coat of paint that I also had on hand resulted in this Extreme Makeover, Footstool Edition!  She’ll be available in my etsy shop (update – she found a new home!) soon, if anyone can’t live without her.  Hope everyone had a happy, healthy Labor Day.  🙂

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That’s not trash!

It always scares me when I’m watching “Hoarders” and the people have a piece of what looks like trash to everyone else and the steeped-in-denial hoarder calls out from under a pile of used takeout containers and plastic aquarium plants, “I’m saving that to make a craft with!”  It’s frightening to me because I find myself thinking that on a regular basis and if I don’t monitor myself I could end up in that condemned house stuffed to the rafters with what looks like useless garbage to everyone else.  I come by it honestly – my family crest reads, “If it’s worth doing, it’s worth OVER doing!”

In an attempt to actually use some of the stuff I’d accumulated with crafting in mind, I learned on the galactic interwebz how to make those rolled magazine coils I’d seen used as trivets, vases, and bowls.  I rolled and rolled without really knowing what I was going to use them for; I just liked the look of them.  Then inspiration struck!  I remembered this little cabinet I’d gotten at Savers.




I discovered that seven rows of five rolls would fit perfectly in the recessed part of the door, so I brazenly painted over the rose with bright green acrylic paint and glued those coils in place.  I had already coated each coil with a glossy sealer, and once they were secured to the cabinet door, I drizzled epoxy resin in between for a bit more of a finished look and a high gloss.  All that was left was to paint the little door knob the same bright green, and voila!














The end result was really neat if I do say so myself, and I listed the cabinet on etsy right away.  I attracted some hearts, but before I could sell the it, my parents came to visit, my mom fell in love with it, and she bought it out from under all those etsy-ers!  Etsyans?  Etsyites?  People who use etsy! I guess it’s true what all the signs in antique stores say – The time to buy it is when you see it!

I’m glad it found a good home – it’s hardly taken any time at all to tell you how I made it, but there are hours of work in this baby!  There are probably ten hours just in rolling the coils while fending off curious cats.  Luckily, this was one of those projects I could do in front of the boob tube.  An episode of Hoarders, anyone?  :0)

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