Jewelry Jail

I don’t know about you, but the last thing I need when I’m rushing out the door to work in the morning is a pointless obstacle in my way (you hear that, Bonnie and Clyde?).  That’s why I didn’t really understand the added level of “security” on this jewelry box – aren’t the drawers enough?  You need doors in front of drawers?  Was someone afraid the jewelry would escape?  The bottom drawer is reserved for the trustworthy jewelry, I guess.

I decided the doors were just for decoration, and I endeavored to add to the ambiance without upping the obstacle ante.  You KNOW there was spray paint involved, and this time I busted out my scrapbook paper stash for a little Mod Podge action on the drawer fronts.  Lastly, I added new wooden knobs where the janky old door pull (singular!) was.

This puppy got snapped up a couple days after I listed it on etsy.  I hope the buyer is independently wealthy and never has to rush out the door to work….  AND I hope she buys more stuff from my etsy shop!  🙂

3 thoughts on “Jewelry Jail”

    1. Thanks, Amy!!! Gotta love the universe – I was actually Mod Podging something when I got your comment!!! Barring unforseen circumstances, I’ll have that project on the site soon. I think it’s gonna be epic!

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