Last month, I came across this country-a** little shelf at Goodwill, attractively posed here against my enormous trash can (please no remarks about my enormous can!).  I had been on the hunt for a home for my collection of vintage tins for the bathroom, and I saw potential here.  Of course, coming from a person who sees crafting potential in her used q-tips, that might not mean much!

I had just purchased a jigsaw and was itchin’ to use it.  You can probably smell what I’m cookin’ right about now – the little shelf was about to have surgery.  After duly prepping the patient, the amputations were performed without a hitch, and the patient received a protective coating following the procedure.  It was then placed above the toilet (in case it was nauseous from the anesthesia) and stocked with an array of remedies and potions.

I just love these tins!  Here are a couple of my favorites:









There are many times I’ve wished my brothers would use Stomach Digestives for Wind!  And for that post-workout chafing, got to have some Sayman (Say, man!!!) Prickly Heat Powder from my home state of Missouri – for external use only, people.

The green tins looked stupid with my multi-colored shower curtain, and I’d been meaning to take on this project, so I went ahead and sewed a stripe of this fabric

onto a shower curtain my mom donated to me (thanks, Mom!).  I am really happy with the result!

You can also see a couple more items in the collection on the vanity – a fluted vintage bottle of mineral oil and an old Listerine bottle.

I hope you like my plastic surgery skilz.  Hey, it looks better than Kenny Rogers.  See ya soon!

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