3 thoughts on “Hello, Blogland!”

  1. love the blog and the head board ROCKS! I like the country ax shelf surgery too, you got skills girlfriend!

  2. Hi there! Ran across your blog during some “random wikipedia-like clicking on various people’s link’s” journey, and am excited to see more! Feel free to pop on by my blog (which is a mash between DIY projects and pregnancy (which is a big DIY project in itself… Also, can you have a parenthesis in a parenthesis?)…)

    Haha, well, that’s a glimpse into me.
    Anyway, love your stuff!


    1. Thanks, Julia! I’ll check out your blog – you are working on the most important DIY project! Well, I guess it . . . became . . . a DIY project, uhhhhh, after a certain point! 🙂

      And thank you for letting me put my languishing English degree to good use! You CAN have a parenthetical inside of parentheses, but you use brackets (so if this is the original parenthetical [this is how you add a thought within a thought]). Annnnnd this concludes English class for the day. On to study hall! 🙂

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