I was framed!

I had an escapee from the Jewelry Jail, but the hunt for the prisoner came to a swift resolution when reports of a suspicious individual with no arms and one leg in an orange jumpsuit began pouring in.  At first, authorities suspected this character:

But when they responded to the reports, cops discovered it was a much less nefarious perpetrator who insistently proclaimed, “I was framed!”  Ahhhh, be careful what you wish for!

Okay, in real life, my aunt gave me this bracelet that I loved but never wore.  I’m kind of a tomboy and I didn’t really have any t-shirts that looked good with it!  But I looked at it on my dresser one day and decided it was something I wanted to look at on the regular, so I found a little frame at Goodwill that I think was originally for a graduation tassel.  After scrubbing in, I performed a claspectomy on the bracelet, which the patient tolerated nicely.  I covered the mat with one of my favorite papers, glued the bracelet to a coordinating paper, and hung that sucker on the wall, where I enjoy its colorful, sparkly goodness every day!  Thanks, Aunt Lynda!

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