Footstool Fetish

Here’s a quickie – I’m still recovering from a long weekend in the Midwest!

Found this sad, brokedown footstool in the thrift store for five American dollars.  It needed love and I was just the woman to love it!

Obviously this baby came up short in the padding department (she could learn a thing or two from a junior high girl!), so I tore into that fabric and started from scratch.  I had some excellent leftover foam from the cat bed project, so I cut that down to size and wrapped it up in some medium-loft batting.  I was able to shop my craft room for the fabric and was delighted to find that all I’d need was a fat quarter of the cute, bright owl pattern I ended up with.

Meanwhile, the legs got a makeover,too – a coat of paint that I also had on hand resulted in this Extreme Makeover, Footstool Edition!  She’ll be available in my etsy shop (update – she found a new home!) soon, if anyone can’t live without her.  Hope everyone had a happy, healthy Labor Day.  🙂

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