Keepin’ it Clean

In my opinion, ANY en suite laundry room is a GOOD laundry room.  And in light of some of the damp, freezing, ammonia-scented places I’ve done laundry in my life, even my “before” laundry room was pretty dang good!

But a bunch of “before” pictures does not a good RedoPalooza post make!  And I wasn’t terribly fond of the exposed shelf as the only storage in the room – it seems to be a junk magnet, and once I do a few loads, it’s a lint-covered-junk magnet!  So I whipped out my paintbrush, picked up a few thrift store art pieces, and had a handyman install a couple cabinets, and now my laundry room is a happier place.

How about those wood finials on the shelf?  Those are more thrift store bargains – TWENTY BUCKS for the WHOLE SET!  I almost fell over when I saw those price tags and then I elbowed a couple people in the face on my way to the register to make them MINE.  I regularly toy with the idea of painting them each a different, bright, glossy color, but for right now, I think they look good in their natural state.



This is looking to the left in the room.  The two signs were resale bargains (of course).   The top one says “Believe in today – Your life is Now,” and the bottom one says “Hope for Tomorrow and Make Things Happen.”  Maybe the set originally had one about the past, too, but I’ll just keep looking forward!







On the right side of the room is this piece I made from an old travel calendar.  I just love all the colors in it and travel-themed stuff has long been a favorite of mine.  PS – Betcha didn’t know there’s an electrical panel behind it!  Mmm hmm – Camoflauge!!!








And just inside the door you’ll find one of the best purchases I’ve ever made – the litter box end table!  It is so handy for setting laundry baskets on, and it keeps the kitty box out of sight and the odor to a minimum.  I think I got mine here, but just search “litter box end table” and you’ll find all kinds of options.  Warning – they’re not cheap!  But this one is well-made and I’ve never regretted buying it.





I’ll leave you with a little tip if you’re redoing a laundry room.  When you install a shelf over your top-load washer, make sure you leave enough room for the top to open all the way!  I ended up scooting both my washer & dryer a little ways out from the wall ’cause I don’t want to worry about holding open the washer while I’m stuffing in my dirty duds.  After the adventure of installing the shelf where it is now, I preferred to lose a few inches of floor space rather than take it down and reinstall it.

So that’s the latest development at the Redo HQ – I’d love to hear what you think!  Happy New Year to everyone!

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