Chic but Not Shabby

I’ve been at it again, and you won’t be surprised to hear it involved spray paint and colorful paper!  This little set of frames was hidden on a shelf at my favorite thrift store, and I didn’t even give them a second thought before I put them in my cart – I knew I could do something with them.  Plus, I think they were a buck each and it was 25% off day!

What’s really strange about the “before” frames is that the framed images were not paper or photos or needlework.  They were printed pictures on fabric, with a tiny little piece of foam behind them – like very shallow pincushions!  So I ripped that stuff out, took a toothbrush and some dish soap to them and then they headed for the spray booth.  As I was thinking of what to put in them to make the finished product SUPER cute, I opened my “patterned scraps” drawer of paper and right on top was this floral pattern with all the exact colors in it!  Craft kismet.  See for yourself!

They really make me smile now!  I think they’ll be in my (poor, sad, neglected) etsy shop soon – check them out!

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