Best of Both Worlds


I’ve never been accused of being “on trend,” so bear with me as I add my globe light fixtures to the masses already clogging up the interwebz.  I wanted to have a fresh project to share with you but it just hasn’t happened, so in the interest of appeasing the tens of people who follow my blog, behold the hemispheres!


As an avid globe collector, I don’t normally advocate ripping one apart for decorating pleasure, but this globe was already coming apart at the equator, so it was a perfect candidate for my experiment.  It had slight damage around the edges, so I had to come up with a disguise and I found the perfect thing!


This stuff is called door trim and can be had at an auto supply store or (of course) the source of all life…the internet.  It cuts easily with scissors and then just slides around the edge of whatever you want to put it on!  I think the craft possibilities of this stuff have yet to be explored fully.

???????????????????????????????Once I had the edges taken care of, I wanted to finish the inside of the globes; the plain cardboard interior just wasn’t rocking my world.  I tried two different approaches:


Left is Rub n’Buff and right is Silver Leaf.  I prefer the Rub n’Buff but I’m not sure I did the Silver Leaf justice – it’s tricky to apply.  I think either will look nice with a light bulb inside!

I hope you enjoyed another globe light fixture.  Thanks for stopping by!

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